This book is about value creation; it proposes that corporations do not design products or services anymore: they design behaviour spaces.

Facebook is not a product, not a technology, but a behaviour space. Behavior space is a multidimensional construct that includes time, rhythm, motion, attention, retention, a variety of stimuli and a variety of responses. Behavior Space is the ecosystem of dependencies that insure the performance of a human activity and consists of behavioral characteristics and their required media – products, systems, substances, energy – which form part of a set of actions directed toward a similar goal. A behavior space is a platform for manifest behaviour around specific goals and motivators for action; the product or service is simply the disruptor that enables a new behaviour space to emerge. The size of the behaviour space footprint, represents the potential value a product or service offers; the greater the value potential, the greater the monetization potential.

Behaviour Space advances the idea that play value is essential in achieving satisfaction in the engagement between users and products or services, and in this process, transforming the user through new layers of pleasurable and productive engagement. The book outlines what gives products and services value for their intended user groups, and how this value can be created, sustained and monetized.

Gower Publishing,
ISBN: 978-1-4094-4684-2
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